How to get free cinema tickets

A trip to the cinema is one of the most expensive leisure activities out there. Tickets, especially for new releases can be as much as £25 per ticket! Thankfully this post will be about how to get free cinema tickets, often for pre-released films! Now you can enjoy the cinema on the cheap.

The Frugal Frenchie

What is Free Cinema?

Free Cinema is a site which offers free viewings for new films. You get sent a newsletter through email and whenever they have a new film to view, they’ll send you a code. Last week I watched Fisherman’s Friends which is only being released on the 16th March!

Here’s a trailer of it if you’re interested; I really enjoyed it!

Is it a scam?

No, not at all! Continue reading “How to get free cinema tickets”

AD| The best shows for murder-mystery lovers

I don’t often talk about my love for murder-mysteries as I feel it’s rather taboo. “Why do you like learning about crimes? It’s a bit weird isn’t it?” Well, to them I say, you’re missing out. Whether it’s a good old episode of “Crime Watch Daily” or a fictional BBC series, I’m all over it. If you’re into this genre too, I’ve written the best shows for murder-mystery lovers right here!

*Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Panasonic

Death in Paradise

When is it on? Thursdays on BBC 1 at 9 pm

AD| The best shows for murder-mystery lovers

O.M.G at the moment I am obsessed with Death in Paradise. I only managed to catch the occasional early episode on YouTube but since 2017, I have watched every episode live on TV- it’s amazing! I’ve finally managed to get my family hooked on it too after they realised how fun it was to figure out the crimes.

I can’t tell you what’s currently happened as the last two episodes were IMMENSE and I don’t want to give spoilers, but I’ll give you a general summary of what the show’s about: Continue reading “AD| The best shows for murder-mystery lovers”