Cheaper Fitbit alternatives

A few days ago, my boyfriend’s dad took part in the World’s Toughest Tough Mudder in Atlanta, Georgia. That, and the fact that people are going to be getting more and more health conscious in the new year, I thought it’d be a good idea to talk about 5 cheaper Fitbit alternatives. Perhaps this might make a good gift too?

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I decided to look into Fitbits just out of curiosity and I didn’t realise how expensive they were! I was shocked to find out that some are over £250; total put-off to exercise in my opinion. So, to help you out, I’ve compiled this list below:

MiFit products

The different MiFit products by Xiaomi are a good place to turn to for a cheaper alternative.


This model, in particular, is the Mi Smart Band 2. It’s water-resistant as well as Bluetooth operated. It has similar functions to a FitBit such as detection of sleep quality, monitoring heart rate, showing steps etc. but it’s only a fraction of the price!

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Mental Health Stigma- does it still exist?

Mental Health Stigma- does it still exist? Perhaps a bold title and question to discuss, but it’s important to openly speak about it, out of fear of otherwise, subconsciously, becoming a silent supporter of this stigma. This is a different style of post, based on lectures that I have received during my BSc in Psychology. Hope you learn something new.

The Frugal Frenchie

Defining a stigma

First of all, do you know what is meant by a stigma? It can mean several things:

“a mark or sign of disgrace or discredit”
“disqualified from full social acceptance”
“negative effects of a label”


The Institute of Psychiatry actually described a stigma as having three components: that of ignorance (as a stigma is based on preconceived ideas and assumptions), prejudice and discrimination.

Note: discrimination and stigmas are not the same. Stigma focuses more on prejudice and ill-educated statements (a reason I’m writing this post today), whereas discrimination is more of an act. An act, preventing people from being treated equally or having equal access to opportunities or services. Continue reading “Mental Health Stigma- does it still exist?”

The Ultimate Money Saving Guide for Parents

I am all for money saving, but sometimes I  feel like money saving posts are always designed towards students? Not sure if others feel this way… anyway, I thought I’d do a different post, where you could find loads of money saving apps and freebies for parents all in one place. Hope this ultimate money saving guide for parents is useful for you!

The Frugal Frenchie

Baby clubs

Many shops and companies have apps to go alongside their “baby clubs.” Not only do they sometimes provide you with freebies, it’s also a great way to get first knowledge of sales, coupons and access to private events.

My Mothercare – advantages include:

  • £100 worth of discount vouchers
  • Early access to their sales
  • Exclusive events instore outside of opening hours
  • 20% off maternity clothing
  • 24/7 medical advice

The Ultimate Money Saving Guide for Parents

Tesco Baby Club – advantages include:

  • Offers specifically aimed for your baby’s age  
  • Told about sales in advance
  • Competitions  

Boots Parenting Club – you need an advantage card to join up. Advantages include:

  • Free Boots magazines
  • 10 advantages points for every £1 spent on baby items (higher than the normal “rate”)
  • The possibility of free gifts
  • Coupons

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Photo Diary: Making bath bombs at Lush!

A few weeks ago, I had my first ever blogging experience at The Body Shop. Although that was a good evening, the event at Lush was so much more enjoyable! We tried out massage bars, made some buche de Noel and even got into making bath bombs!

The Frugal Frenchie

Photo Diary: Making bath bombs at Lush!

Photo Diary: Making bath bombs at Lush!

Honestly though, how creative is their Halloween range? My favourite is the monster one (“Monster Ball”) pictured above, I think it should totally be a feature in the next Monsters Inc movie if they have one!

Photo Diary: Making bath bombs at Lush!

The staff made us feel so welcome and I love how they had a little itinerary all prepared for us! They also (very sensibly as I still didn’t feel like I knew many people) did an icebreaker where we got into pairs and tried massage bars out on each other. There were some great ones and I particularly liked the gingerbread one.

Here are also just some of the photos I took whilst making the buche de Noel and bath bombs!

Photo Diary: Making bath bombs at Lush!

It was fascinating to see all the ingredients that went into the facial cleanser, and let me tell you, putting two moulds of powder together is not as easy as it looks! My stars were invisible so kudos to those in the factory who make them perfect every time.

Here is just a sample of their Christmas range. There was a whole wall full but it grabbed so much attention that I found it impossible to photograph it all! Above, you’ll see the fab staff showing us a demo of the “Shoot for the Star,” bath bomb. It smelt delicious and the gold stars gradually melt too, which I didn’t know!

Photo Diary: Making bath bombs at Lush!

Of course, the whole range in Lush is beautiful, natural and smells incredible, but I loved this table of all their fresh face masks. So insta worthy!

Photo Diary: Making bath bombs at Lush!

Photo Diary: Making bath bombs at Lush!

Lush has some absolutely genius makeup products! A lot of their products can be used on multiple different areas of your face, and they even have a range of eyeshadows that work like crayons and lipsticks that look like a paint pallet for you to create your own lipstick shade!

Photo Diary: Making bath bombs at Lush!

Here is my bouche de Noel, as well as the bath bomb I made! We were also given the opportunity to take home any product from the store, to which I chose the  ScrubBee body butter. It’s supposed to smell like honey but I thought it smelt so much like white chocolate- either way I loved it! Leaves the skin feeling super moisturised.

Thank you Lush Bournemouth for the brilliant event; it was super enjoyable!

My first blogging event at The Body Shop

On Sunday 30th September, after a long day at work, I left Primark and walked down the road for my first blogging event at The Body Shop! Have a look at their new range, what we got up to and the goodies I received.

The Frugal Frenchie

The staff were really welcoming and friendly, offering us a glass of prosecco as well as seeing if they could help us at all. With me working full time during the weekends, it’s rare that I go to The Body Shop so I had a really good look around- let me tell you, there were so many things I didn’t recognise so I was just smelling and trying on everything!

I also had a look at their skincare range, something I struggle to get right. I've heard lots of positive things about their Vitamine E and D range, but it's the tea tree oil products that I've always been a fan of. I'm sure there's more products than they used to be and I had a great time making a mental Christmas list!

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How to deal with stress in the workplace

I’ve recently just started a new job that requires more responsibility, more time management skills, more pressure and more running-back-and-forth-like-a- mad-woman. Although I have yet to master this, I have been really thinking about how to deal with stress in the workplace, so I thought I’d make it into a post. Hope it helps!

The Frugal Frenchie

Tip No.1 Focus on one thing at a time

How to deal with stress in the workplace

It’s sometimes easy to think about how many jobs you have to do and then trying to start and complete them all at once. Try and get through them one at a time so you don’t have loads of incomplete jobs on the go which can result in you looking like you’re slacking or being lazy.

Quality not quantity, guys!

Tip No.2 Teamwork

This, of course, depends on the nature of your job, but if there is a possibility to work on a project or ask the advice or opinions of colleagues do it!

If one of the sources of your workplace stress is not being 100% sure of what to expect, then ask a more experienced colleague for a quick tip. Alternatively, if you manage a team, make sure you distribute jobs evenly and make sure that everyone knows what they need to do. They may be unaware of all the jobs that need doing so don’t always expect them to be psychics and do it instinctively!

How to deal with stress in the workplace

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