2019 goals update

Shockingly, it’s August 1st as I am writing this.  I meant to write this update in June (it’s been in my drafts since), but these past few months have just flown by! If you haven’t read my 2019 goals, I’d recommend reading them first and then see how I’m doing in this 2019 goals update!

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2019 goals update


Wow. As a family, we have done a lot of decluttering. I’m talking about donating over 10 full bags of clothes to charity. I’ve sold quite a few items on eBay and have a lot listed on FB Marketplace and still active on eBay too. I’m now a lot more wary of what I have in my room. I decluttered some of my schoolwork because I hoarded absolutely everything (Year 8 science.. really?) so that felt amazing.

I attribute a lot of memories and feelings to objects so it was tough for me to do, but maybe I needed this many years in order to let it all go. Also, another top tip: you feel stupid for doing it, but Marie Kondo’s method of thanking stuff really helps let go. For me, it removes the guilt of getting rid of it, especially when you know something is completely destroyed, useless or a downright space taker.

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The most un-instagrammable picture ever, but with a rubbish algorithm, bad camera, lack of content and engagement… I'm beyond caring 😂 Just thought I'd share our Marie Kondo ing. We got rid of all these clothes and earned £5.80 by giving it to a charity van that recycles it and makes new things for charity. It's not much, but it's more than if it was laying in our cupboards and more money then we'd get from a charity shop. I thought this picture would also be the perfect reminder for you to keep up the side hustle and never underestimate what you can make money from. I've put some necklaces up for sale (50p each) which I haven't worn in over a decade and all my belts. Next to tackle is my freebie collection. My version of saving money at 14-17 was to collect loads of freebies so I never had to buy things. With the samples being so small though, I ended up collecting them and now I have two shoeboxes FULL. What can I do with them? #declutter #tidyingup #konmarie #mariekondo #sidehustle #makemoney #resell #freebies #lifestyleblogger #ukblogger #student #discoverunder1k

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I’m going to be truthful with you on this one. Blogging this year has been a lot of love and hate. I’m getting ever more passionate and ambitious about my blog, but I feel more and more disappointed with it. I know you shouldn’t do it for the numbers and for the views, but my niche is about money and I’m trying to spread helpful posts and side hustles that can help people. There’s nothing more irritating promoting the same post so much that people get annoyed, yet you see one person like a tweet from somebody about how they’re struggling for money, argh!

I did, however, manage to increase my DA to 18 (after it dropped thanks to the Moz update) and I have had some sponsored posts, but nowhere near the £125 a month I was aiming for. I think in retrospect I was ambitious there though, especially knowing I was in my third year of university – it was bound to be tricky cold pitching and finding freelance work.

I have uninstalled Instagram and have completely fallen out of love with it. It always felt like such a chore to maintain, but I may write about that in more detail in another post. In terms of twitter, I am nearing my goal, but it’s rather 0 days no step forward, 3 steps forward and then 2 steps backwards every day for a week. It’s tough!

I did, however, in a painful rejection for a collaboration that was looking extremely positive, get my first “viral tweet.” I’m kind of glad this was my first popular one as it meant that people really are passionate about financial education and even now I’m still getting through the 20+ drafts I made as a result of this inspiration.


In terms of my university work, I remained pretty much consistent across the whole year. I had one disappointing grade, one which surprised me a lot, but it didn’t knock me too far back. My dissertation was a stressful one, with timings being way too late for comfort, but I handed it in on time and just hoped for the best.

While on the subject actually, for anyone that read my dissertation post and contributed to my research, I’d like to say a huge thank you! There were only 19 of you, but it was 19 questionnaire answers that were so insightful and helpful. If on the odd chance you read my blog, I’m ever so grateful.

I ended up getting exactly what I was expecting. Of course I would’ve loved a 1:1, but I got a high 2:1 so I’m pleased with how I did in the end. I’d love to know how everyone else got on in their degree, I know @LifeThroughTSG wrote a blog post on whether her degree was right for her (I’m not giving spoilers) – thoroughly enjoyed that.


I am naturally a saver, not a spender. I have of course been saving, but not as much as I would have liked. Since January, some plans have changed (for those following me on twitter, you’ll know) which means I won’t be able to house hunt as much as I would like. Besides doing it for fun and as a hobby, we shall be more serious about it again in the summer of 2020. Before the change of plans though, we did actually visit a house, which I thought was both a surprisingly disappointing experience, but an important one nonetheless. I’ll drop the link for that post here if you want to read that!

Next year, money will be tight. For the first time ever I have even applied for a maintenance loan which a) I haven’t heard back about yet and b) I’m nervous about being in even more debt, ugh. It’s very much possible that I will not be able to have a part-time job at the weekends like I have had for the past two years, so side hustling will be very important for me. I am, however, setting down foundations to help me start a new side hustle, so hopefully, I can start that by September.

I’m pretty sure that’s all there is for now. Please let me know how your goals are doing. Have you finished them all? Barely started? Struggling on some? I’d love a chat in the comments below!

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