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Guest post: buying a house in your early 20s

After taking a particularly keen interest in houses, mortgages and saving, I thought it’d be interesting to hear from Alice, who went through buying a house in 20s! Read on to find out about her story then give this post some love.

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Guest post: buying a house in your early 20s

Introducing myself

Hi, I’m Alice from the blog Alice In Sheffield.

I blog about all thing’s Sheffield: from places to go to things to eat along with general posts about living life as a millennial girl and how I’m managing that. I think most millennials struggle with the world we live in now, we seem to have it harder getting mortgages, jobs and oh, the world around us is slowly dying too (as if we didn’t have enough to worry about). I’m going to be taking you back to 2016 today to the start of my journey, and explain how I managed to buy a house all on my own!

Back in 2016

2016 was an easier time; I had no responsibilities. I’d just finished my masters at university and secured myself a job in recruitment. I was in an 8-year long relationship and finally in a position where I could start contemplating the future and what that would look life, buying a house together etc. Well, that was until the relationship fell apart and amongst the many things I was told, I was told that I’d never make it on my own. I needed ‘this’ person to achieve the dreams I had of owning a home etc. – well guess what? I bloody well didn’t.

I worked my absolute ass off at work, earning as much commission as possible. I hustled on the side through eBay, blogging, a Saturday job and literally anything I could think of to make money. My mother, God bless her, allowed me to stay at home in my little room and live rent-free on the proviso that the rent I would have given her I saved. I know I was incredibly lucky there as not everyone has that option.

Last year

Fast forward to 2018, I’d managed to save £5000 which in the grand scheme of things with a house isn’t a lot! I didn’t think I was anywhere near being able to buy a house, but I used to pore over Zoopla and Rightmove dreaming of homes. I saw a development where it was shared ownership, I looked more into this and the more I read the more it sounded fantastic and the right option for me.

I went to the development and looked around the show house with my mum (she’s literally an angel I could write thousands of words about how incredible that woman is) and what had seemed like a distant dream seemed a little more achievable. I sat down with the mortgage advisors, more to get an idea of what I’d need to save when they told me. With what I’d saved I could already afford a 50% share of a beautiful brand new build 2-bed house within walking distance of my family home (somebody, pinch me!)

My dream of owning my own home had become a reality and last year around June time I got my keys and moved in – I’d bloody well done it! I’d scrimped and saved, learned a heap about mortgages and negotiated solicitors and I was sat on the floor of my own home and I could genuinely have cried!

The present-day?

I’m coming up to a year in my home now. I feel like I’ve grown a lot this last year, I’ve almost cracked this adulting lark. I’ve even bagged myself the most gorgeous man to share my life and home with.

What I realise now is that in 2016 when I thought my world was falling apart and I didn’t know what I’d do, that needed to happen for me to achieve my dreams and truly value what’s important. I’m thankful I reached rock bottom because I built myself up all on my own and achieved everything I was told I couldn’t.


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  1. This is so inspiring. It’s wonderful to see amazing and strong women taking on the world and doing what they want on their terms. This is the kind of role model we need for little girls. That women CAN make their dreams come true on their own. Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!

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