Earn money with Maru Voice Surveys

I recently received an unexpected email whilst revising for exams: you’ve earned a £10 voucher! Normally, these would go straight into my spam folder, but I knew this was genuine as I’d been doing surveys with them for a while: Maru Voice Surveys. Here’s all you need to know to earn your own.

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Earn money with Maru Voice Surveys

What is Maru Voice?

Maru Voice is a survey site which also allows you to take part in polls, surveys and be entered in giveaways as well as being given rewards.

Finding available surveys

Unlike Prolific, a survey site I’ve previously mentioned, you get contacted whenever there are surveys available to take. They are extremely quick and easy to take and you get told how long it’ll take. I always think this is convenient because then you can decide whether you have the time to complete it or not.

They will also send you reminders to make sure you don’t miss any opportunities.

Earn money with Maru Voice Surveys

How can you complete the surveys?

Surveys can be completed either on a computer or on your phone. It’s easily accessible with wifi and you don’t even need to download an app for it.

How do you get rewards?

With every survey, you get awarded points, a bit like YouGov surveys. They can award anything between 50 and 500 points each, but thankfully you only need 1000 points to cash out so it can be done very quickly!

Here is a list of the possible places you can redeem points with:

  • Pizza Express
  • Currys/PC World
  • iTunes
  • Ticketmaster
  • M&S

Earn money with Maru Voice Surveys

  • Amazon (I redeemed this)
  • Debenhams
  • Decathlon
  • Argos
  • Starbucks
  • John Lewis
  • Thomas Cook
  • Tesco

I didn’t keep track of my points so had no idea of how much I’d earned. Thankfully, I received an email saying that I was ready to redeem and all I had to do was make my choice of gift card. I chose Amazon, because, let’s face it, you can’t go wrong there.

Let me know how you get on if you sign up to Maru Voice!

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