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Gifted| Feeling body confident

With mental health awareness week being on the topic of body image, as well as my previous post on body confidence I thought it would be relevant to talk about ways to feeling body confident. This is different for everybody and I’d love to hear your methods, but I hope you can relate in some way!

The Frugal Frenchie

Disclaimer: this is a gifted collaboration with Hunkemoller

Feeling body confident

The dreaded mirror

Mirrors can be our best friend or our worst enemy; a bit like ourselves. Mirrors for some can be a way of reinforcing how we feel, confirming how we think we look, but if we feel awful… you can guess that’s not the best idea.

If you are one to be more self-critical in front of the mirror, maybe you could try the following:

  • If you can only see negative things about yourself, for every negative thing, force yourself to say three positive things to counterbalance. You’ll find yourself either being kinder to yourself, or focusing on the smaller things that you never thought about before.
  • Acceptation of yourself: if you struggle to find positives, then try just accepting yourself for who you are. This is me, this is what makes me me and I am beautiful!
  • Place yourself in others’ shoes: we are often kinder to others than we are to ourselves. Talk to yourself, aloud or internally, as you would to your friend. You wouldn’t tell your friend her thighs look big or that her hips are too wide or that her arms are “fat” (at least I hope not): so don’t do it to yourself x

Feel sexy

Feeling sexy means different things for everyone. Whether it’s just wearing an item of clothing that you wouldn’t normally wear, or having a face full of makeup, it’s completely subjective. It’s a great way of appreciating yourself, feeling sassy and just a form of self-love. Men, get involved too, I’m not just talking to the ladies out there!

Personally, I’m no good at makeup, but when I saw this Satin Slip Nightdress from Hunkemoller, I knew that this would be my way of feeling sexy. They kindly gifted it to me to try it out and wow, I feel awesome in it.

Feeling body confident

It’s the perfect length, the detailing is so cute and elegant and I love how it’s sexy but not revealing. This for me made me feel great and completely overcompensated for the negative things I dislike about my body (yep, we all have them, don’t worry).

Feeling body confident

Feeling body confident

Be healthy

It’s very easy to just say, if you don’t like something, “change it,” but as a psychology student, I know that if you hate something enough, it can lead to very unhealthy habits.

Doing some things can make you feel proactive and better about yourselves. It’s easy to complain about something, but when you take the time and effort to try and compensate, it makes us feel a lot more appreciative and constructive. Some things you could try, but please do so in moderation, are:

  • Eliminating unhealthy aspects of your life: smoking, excessive drinking, too much sugar etc.
  • Try and exercise: this doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym, but even swapping a car journey for a long walk, once a day, can do a lot of good.
  • Meditating
  • Workout challenges: these often require improving a technique through a few weeks, so it’s a good incentive to see the before and after and get active!

You’d be surprised how little things can make us feel more body confident and happier within ourselves, similarly to how a little thing can completely ruin it. Take care of yourselves and if you have any tips, leave them below!

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