AD| The best shows for murder-mystery lovers

I don’t often talk about my love for murder-mysteries as I feel it’s rather taboo. “Why do you like learning about crimes? It’s a bit weird isn’t it?” Well, to them I say, you’re missing out. Whether it’s a good old episode of “Crime Watch Daily” or a fictional BBC series, I’m all over it. If you’re into this genre too, I’ve written the best shows for murder-mystery lovers right here!

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Death in Paradise

When is it on? Thursdays on BBC 1 at 9 pm

AD| The best shows for murder-mystery lovers

O.M.G at the moment I am obsessed with Death in Paradise. I only managed to catch the occasional early episode on YouTube but since 2017, I have watched every episode live on TV- it’s amazing! I’ve finally managed to get my family hooked on it too after they realised how fun it was to figure out the crimes.

I can’t tell you what’s currently happened as the last two episodes were IMMENSE and I don’t want to give spoilers, but I’ll give you a general summary of what the show’s about:

Death in Paradise is based on the fictional island of Saint Marie, actually filmed in Guadeloupe. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous and the long shots are stunning (it’s one of those moments where I wish I had the ultra HD and the 65″ inch of an Oled 4K TV Panasonic.)

In Saint Marie, (current) Inspector Jack Mooney and his colleagues help solve murders on the island. In an unpredictable outcome that reminds me very much of Agatha Christie’s surprise murder revelations, you’ll find that you kick yourself that you didn’t figure it out earlier. Alongside this, you’ll grow to love each cast member as the series grows on through their own mini background stories.

Eleanor Neale

Where is it on? YouTube 

AD| The best shows for murder-mystery lovers

In a fan-girl moment, I thought I’d mention the YouTuber. She is absolutely amazing at recounting true crime stories whilst putting in the perfect amount of archival footage and psychologist views. Even really popular cases that I considered to be an expert on, such as Shannon Matthews, I’ve learnt new things from her.

She is very professional and has even recorded parts of the video in different weeks and I had no clue whatsoever. She’ll cover serial killer cases in such detail that after over 5 hours of filming and editing, you’re left with a fluent, gripping 1-hour video.

Another thing that I love about her is that she’ll do a themed crime series. For example, she did mother-related crimes for a week leading up to Mother’s Day called Momicide week. As it’s just passed Valentines Day, I also have to catch up on that series too. If you’re squeamish but love crime stories, like I am, all of these are brilliant.

New Tricks

AD| The best shows for murder-mystery lovers

Ok this is my favourite and I’ve even cried (shh I’m hormonal) when my boyfriend didn’t think it was as good as I did.

New Tricks is quite a unique concept I think. It’s a fictional show – no longer running I don’t think but there are lots of online clips- where old, unsolved cases are reopened thanks to the help of Detective Inspector Pullman and her trusty crew of retired, ex-policeman; naturally the nerd, the ladies man and the loyal, grandpa-figure.

There is no visible violence, but it doesn’t stop there being some heart wrenching, suspenseful, heart-pounding moments. There is less of a surprise when the criminals are caught, but it’s more of a satisfying moment as there’s a sense of realism to it. You see them sometimes doing police admin, getting caught in the trap of “not enough evidence,” or having people released when they knew they were guilty.

Note: There was a change of cast later on, but 12 years of series was with the same characters (and in my opinion was the best).

Have you ever watched any of these before? Which ones are your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Amazing suggestions, lovely!! And I love the Panasonic tv! We have one and couldn’t recommend it more to friends and family.
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