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How to save money on your wedding day

If you’re engaged to be wed, wow congratulations! If you’re here just to be curious, hey I don’t blame you either (let’s face it, I’m not married).                    The cost of weddings can often put people off the idea, or make them wait longer than they have to. The truth is, this isn’t necessary and you don’t need to downsize either, you just need these tips on how to save money on your wedding day!

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The timing of your wedding

  • Consider a midweek wedding/ out of season

Upon doing research on this, I found that some couples saved up to £7000 hosting a wedding in winter instead of summer, or saving £1000 because it was a Wednesday instead of a Saturday.

Business is slower during the week and the colder seasons, so it’s always worth seeing where they offer better deals for that.

  • Get last minute deals if you can’t wait!

Sites such as Last Minute Weddings, allow you to see last minute cancellations or nearby dates at great prices. They have selected venues but you can find decently priced packages and without the 1-2 year waiting list.

Other websites that are similar include Cancelled Weddings and For Better For Worse.

The bigger details

  • The location

A lot of the time our dream wedding consists of a castle-looking splendour, but sometimes the smaller, more modest countryside locations can be an utter bargain.

Barns can be transformed into really beautiful locations, or even a friend’s farm. YouTubers “The Life of Riley,” actually made a video about what they did- their whole wedding was only £4000!

I often hear of a lot of places in Scotland being very budget friendly, one couple I spoke to on Facebook during my research hired their whole venue for only £700!

How to save money on your wedding day

  • Sourcing yourself

If you’re stressing about time, quality consistency or having to rely on fewer people, get a package deal! If not, have a look at whether sourcing catering etc. yourself would be cheaper

  • The dress

It’s as big or a small purchase as you choose it to be but it’s significant will always be there. You don’t need the most fairytale princess dress in order to look amazing or like a “worthwhile” bride. This guest post will tell you all about how you can get your dream dress is less.

The smaller details

  • DIY decorations

Thanks to the likes of Pinterest, we can get so much inspiration for weddings and decorations. If you’re creative or have the time, making your own decorations can save you a lot of money- even if you have to buy all the supplies yourself!

Here are some of my favourite DIY projects I found in just a few seconds:

How to save money on your wedding day

How to save money on your wedding day

How to save money on your wedding day

  • Buy second hand

There are lots of places to buy second hand decorations or items from. I’ve heard of people selling their chairs they used for the cermony as it was cheaper than renting. That’s a win win as they save money, then recover some money at least and you save money!

You’ve got the traditional places to find second hand items, such as eBay, but you’ve also got more specific methods. Everyone has heard of Facebook marketplace, however there are also many Facebook groups/pages for your local area, specifically for wedding items. I know my local area has one; just do a quick search and see what’s around.

Be resourceful

  • Get a friend to do hair and makeup

Similar to the point about DIY decorations, don’t spend money where you don’t have to. If you have a friend who is amazing at makeup and loves makeup, why not ask them to do it for you? Even if they do charge something, it’ll be less than a professional who offers a wedding package.

  • Save on a band/photographer/videographer

A lot of people in the above areas constantly look for experience and ways to increase their portfolio. If you have colleges nearby, you could ask if anybody would be available to play at your wedding or if somebody would be free to take pictures or videos. Again, even if they did charge, they will be a much better deal as they will value the experience greatly. Just make sure you have an idea of what you want or pictures you like, so they have an idea of what you would like.

Alternatively, if you have a friend or family member who is not playing a big role in the bridal party, ask them to take some pictures for you.

How to save money on your wedding day

  • Wedding gifts

If you don’t feel you need anything for the home (often a very typical gift to give at weddings), you could ask for something that’ll contribute to the wedding.

This could be from gifting or making the wedding cake, or everyone brining in some of their favourite flowers so you have a range of unique bouquets everywhere. It’s entirely up to you. If you’d really like to save money, you could ask for charity donations and instead for everyone to bring in a food dish so you can have a selection of hot meals as well as a finger buffet.

  • Buy rather than rent

This is linked to the first point I made. Of course you need to look around, but sometimes buying is a cheaper equivalent to renting things; this can be even for the smaller items such as table cloths, chairs, chair covers or cultlery etc. It also gives you the opportunity afterwards to sell them, making you even more money back.

Random tips

  • Don’t feel pressurised to invite people you don’t want to

Nothing worse than having to pay an extra £X per head for somebody you don’t particularly want to be there; somebody by “social norm,” you should invite. It’s your day, you invite who you want and as many/little people as you want. Don’t do anybody any favours.

  • Try and win things in competitions

I’ve seen competitions before where you can win your entire wedding! Even if it’s not as big a competition as that, you can try and win smaller things such as bouquets, or a photography session or even personalised books… everything helps and ever little thing is a saving!

  • Don’t spend a fortune on wedding shoes

I’ve heard and read from a lot of people that they spent a fortune on shoes, only for their long dress to cover them or for them to change into comfier flats in the evening.

Don’t overspend on designer or gorgeous shoes because it’s your dress that’ll be the highlight!

  • Anything branded as “wedding”….

….will be expensive. Even wedding lingerie, I’m sorry, why not just get white lingerie? Anything that has wedding, bridesmaid, bride etc. in front of it, will be more expensive as people expect you to be splurging for the special day.

There’s often no difference so be careful of how you search. A great example are bouquet. If you look for a wedding bouquet, or simply search for a bouquet with your favourite flowers, you’ll find a big difference in price.

Thank you for reading this blog post. If you have any analogies or other tips, please share them below!

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  1. This is great some amazing tips! Our wedding is booked for a Wednesday and and I think we save £700 in booking and £6 per person definitely worth doing!

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