How to save money on your wedding day

If you’re engaged to be wed, wow congratulations! If you’re here just to be curious, hey I don’t blame you either (let’s face it, I’m not married).                    The cost of weddings can often put people off the idea, or make them wait longer than they have to. The truth is, this isn’t necessary and you don’t need to downsize either, you just need these tips on how to save money on your wedding day!

The Frugal Frenchie

The timing of your wedding

  • Consider a midweek wedding/ out of season

Upon doing research on this, I found that some couples saved up to £7000 hosting a wedding in winter instead of summer, or saving £1000 because it was a Wednesday instead of a Saturday.

Business is slower during the week and the colder seasons, so it’s always worth seeing where they offer better deals for that.

  • Get last minute deals if you can’t wait!

Sites such as Last Minute Weddings, allow you to see last minute cancellations or nearby dates at great prices. They have selected venues but you can find decently priced packages and without the 1-2 year waiting list.

Other websites that are similar include Cancelled Weddings and For Better For Worse.

The bigger details

  • The location

A lot of the time our dream wedding consists of a castle-looking splendour, but sometimes the smaller, more modest countryside locations can be an utter bargain.

Barns can be transformed into really beautiful locations, or even a friend’s farm. YouTubers “The Life of Riley,” actually made a video about what they did- their whole wedding was only £4000!

I often hear of a lot of places in Scotland being very budget friendly, one couple I spoke to on Facebook during my research hired their whole venue for only £700!

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Decluttering: My freebie collection

Thankfully, for once I’m “on trend.” I’ve caught the Marie Kondo, Tidying Up bug. Ever since opening my Help To Buy ISA account, I’ve been interested in homes, interior design and minimal living. I’ve had the same room for over 15 years and in that time I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff; not necessarily many objects, but a lot of sentimental items. It’s quite a big thing to me so I thought I’d start writing posts about it; today’s: decluttering my freebie collection. Enjoy!

The Frugal Frenchie

I had an utter obsession with collecting freebies in my young to mid-teens. The idea of getting products from expensive brands for free just seemed like a no brainer to me. Since then I have accumulated 2 shoe boxes full of items, from sticky notes, to protein to makeup. I figured that it’s not worth keeping all of them now and some may even be out of date so it’s time for a declutter.

Decluttering: My freebie collection

I’m going to give a quick summary of some of the contents and everything that I don’t keep and is still usable, I shall be giving to charity or a homeless shelter.


If you go to Benefit counters, they often have samples to spare, especially when you try the item on yourself. I did exploit this at the time especially as I didn’t buy makeup myself.

Here are a few items I have.

  • Total Moisture facial cream
  • Triple Performing facial emulsion x2
  • Pore-fessional cream x2
  • Pore-fessional balm
  • It’s Potent eye cream x3
  • Air Patrol eye primer
  • They’re Real [makeup] remover
  • Hello Flawless foundation
  • So Radiant Refined Finish Facial Polish exfoliator

Decluttering: My freebie collection


If you look at Vichy’s retail prices, it’s enough to make you gulp. They’re very expensive. Consequently, they send out a lot of samples to try and prove themselves worthy of their money.

In my collection are:

  • Idealia Skin Sleep Recover night gel-balm x 3 tube and 2 sample
  • Idealia Smoothing and illuminating cream x 1 tube and 1 sample
  • Liftactiv Serum 10 for eyes and lashes x2
  • Liftactiv Serum 10 Youth enhancing serum x2
  • Aqualia Thermal Hydrating Serum x2
  • Normaderm Anti-blemish care

Decluttering: My freebie collection

La Roche-Posay

I collected these for the same reason as Vichy- they are so expensive! I once had a £20 coupon so ran to Boots but even then, some items were over £50…. nope.

I’ve got:

  • Redermic anti-ageing corrective concentrate x2
  • Effaclar Duo corrective anti-imperfections x3
  • Effaclar purifying foaming gel for oily sensitive skin
  • Toleriane Ultura sensitive skincare cream x2
  • Toleriane Ultra Fluide intense soothing fluid for face and eyes x2

Decluttering: My freebie collection

Other brands

  • Yves Rocher: Due to Brexit, they will no longer be accepting orders from the UK, however, this French brand always gives free samples on every purchase. My mum has loads and my Grandma always gives them to me when I visit. I have 11 hydrating gel creme samples and 1 reparation serum.

Decluttering: My freebie collection

  • Bare minerals: Blemish remedy powder foundation and brush x2, their original foundation powder and two of their complexion rescue tinted hydrating gel cream

Decluttering: My freebie collection

  • Estee Lauder, I have a loooooaaaaaddddd of these. I’ve had 4 samples of their Double Wear Foundation (all of which lasted me about 3 months each), I have 3 idealist skincare illuminators, 3 invisible fluid makeup and 4 Re-Nutrive ultimate radiance makeup.

Decluttering: My freebie collection

  • I have also had loads of mascaras which unfortunately dried out so I’ve never chucked most; they included 3 MAC ones, two Channel, a MaxFactor, Urban Decay and Avon one.
  • I have also had loads of perfumes but I gave up quickly with those, it’s always the peel off stickers rather than samples so I just thought it was a waste. I did get some tube samples though including a Nicki Minaj one and Modern House by Estee Lauder.


Here’s what I’m keeping:

Decluttering: My freebie collectionDecluttering: My freebie collection

Here’s what I’m donating/giving to friends:

Decluttering: My freebie collectionDecluttering: My freebie collectionDecluttering: My freebie collectionDecluttering: My freebie collectionDecluttering: My freebie collection

Let me know how your decluttering is going if you’ve been inspired too; I love hearing your experiences!