Goals for 2019

For the first time ever last year, I reached all my goals for 2018. I strongly attribute this to writing them down, as well as an update, in order to keep me accountable. Now, with exams out the way, I thought I’d write down my goals for 2019 too.

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Goals for 2019


This is probably my most recent goal, having only decided on this one around the second week in. For once, I may just about be on trend, as I have just binged watched “Tidying Up” with Marie Kondo. I’ve never watched a show that taught me so much, yet seemed so obvious at the same time.

The before and after pictures really spoke to me, as normally we just see these gorgeous homes on Instagram, but never expect that how it started off could resemble our own homes. Her teachings about sparking joy and detaching our memories from objects, really spoke to me as although I am not a materialistic person, all of my belongings I feel must be kept for sentimental reasons.

As a result, one goal is to declutter my room, to the extent of imagining “this is what I would bring if I moved house.” If I wouldn’t bring it to a new home, why would I keep it in my old one? Up to now, I’ve already cleared out some clothes, and I would like to keep updating on my Instagram I did here.


Last year, my goal regarding blogging was simply to try and create my first sponsored post because the first is always the hardest, right? Fortunately, I achieved this, so this time I have set myself more ambitious targets, as I’d like to think that my knowledge has increased since, and I know what strategies I need to work on in order to get there

  • I would like a DA of at least 25
  • Through freelancing and blogging, aim for £125 extra side hustle money a month
  • Increase my Pinterest traffic
  • Get to 4000 followers on Twitter, 1200 on Instagram and 1500 on Facebook

Goals for 2019


After 17 long and consecutive years in education, I am so buzzing and excited to say that I will graduate this year! Perhaps in the future, I will do a masters (for my teacher conversion course I get awarded 3/4 of a master anyway) with Open University, but for now, I suspect this will be the end of the road for structured seminars and lectures.

I have just completed my two January exams, bar coursework throughout the year, I have two more exams in May and then a dissertation presentation in June.

Although I am ambitious, I don’t want to raise my expectations too much, as the bar is high this year. I’ve already been awarded a high 2:1 and a low 1:1 in my coursework so far and with how I felt about my exams, I would be happy if I ended the year on a high 2:1 to 1:1.

I think this year is just a matter of working hard!


This is slightly related to blogging, but a massive goal for me this year is to save and make more money.

I am fortunate enough to live at home rent free at the moment, but I would like to move in with my boyfriend at some point, who in April, I will have been dating for five years. We lived together for 6 months in 2016-17, which felt amazing, so it’s been hard to live separately since.

To do so, however, I need to declutter and save enough money to be able to continue saving for a house deposit, as well as feeling comfortable enough paying rent and bills. It’s something I’ve already been looking into a lot recently and it’s acting as the best motivator!

So that’s it… at least what I can think of at the moment. What are yours? Have you decided on the mini steps in order to get there? Let me know in the comments.

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9 thoughts on “Goals for 2019

  1. Finally someone who is saving money whilst they can!!! At 27 it’s advice I give to everyone now, save as much as you can whilst you’re still living at home because the moment those bills start coming, its hard to get the savings going. Good luck with all your other goals I’m sure you’ll smash them!!

    1. Woop woop!
      I love saving, it’s so satisfying seeing the amount increase monthly.
      Thank you and good luck on your goals too xx

  2. Decluttering is one of my major goals this year. I’m moving states in August and I want to start the process of decluttering and minimizing now. Best wishes with your goals and your blog this year! 💛💛💛

    1. Thank you, you too!
      When decluttering it has helped me to think about “If I were to move out, would I bring this.”
      Hope moving goes well x

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