Make over £20 a day with Prolific

The other day in the library I had an hour gap between my seminar and lecture so I decided to look on Prolific for any surveys. Low and behold there were actually two, so I managed to do them both. In that hour I earned £5.50! Because of this, I estimate you could make a lot more, but for generalisation’s sake- here’s how to make over £20 a day with Prolific. Good luck!

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What is Prolific?

Prolific is a survey site, to put it bluntly. However, I can safely say, that having tried to make money from surveys since the age of 14, this is the best and quickest-earner I have ever experienced.

This is the site on a mobile device, this was a good morning for surveys!

Make over £20 a day with Prolific

How do you get paid so much? Is it genuine?

Prolific is 100% genuine. The reason why you get so much and so quickly is for two reasons.

Firstly, the surveys that you take part in are experiments for researchers across the world. They may be psychology experiments, surveys for marketing students or sociologists… the options are endless. They’re not difficult though, so don’t worry!

Secondly, you can get paid so much as the payment threshold is so low. To withdraw your money, you only need to have reached £5. Which, as I said previously, I managed to do in less than an hour.

How do you get started?

You register on their website like any other website. I have put my referral link here, something I will mention later on in this post.

From here, just complete your details, making sure you verify your email and phone number (you never receive texts or calls) so you can continue.

After this, there are quite a few questions “About You.” This just enables Prolific to establish what surveys will be suitable for you. One thing I love about Prolific is that you will never be disqualified from a survey after writing in your demographics, as they only send you ones that match you.

Make over £20 a day with Prolific

How do I get surveys?

Surveys will come up on your “Studies” page automatically.

Depending on how you answered in the “About You,” section, it’ll send you whatever is available and suitable. Furthermore, there are questions which ask what you would be willing to do survey wise, such as record a video or face to face interview. Personally, I said no to these, but if you’re comfortable doing this, I would imagine they’re well paid too.

Reserving surveys

On Prolific, the way they make sure that everyone gets an equal likeliness of participating is that you can reserve spaces on surveys. Academic surveys often need a certain amount of participants and are restricted to a certain budget.

When you reserve your space on the survey, you have a 10-minute slot to complete the survey, otherwise, you will lose it to somebody else. That’s why I would only recommend checking the site when you have enough free time to actually complete the surveys, as next time you check they may disappear.

Make over £20 a day with Prolific

Top tips for earning

With referral links, you get 10% (at no expense to the referee) of people’s first withdrawal. For example, the other day I got paid £2.23 and £0.65p, so people I referred had withdrawn £22.30 and £6.50!

  • Look on the website during the day

Academics have similar working hours to the standard 9-5. Consequently, they will often submit surveys during the day, which is good as it means they can approve it and you get paid on the same day.

  • Do them on the computer or laptop

When I’m at uni, I’ll often get the website up on my phone, but sometimes the survey cannot be done on my device. Generally whatever it is will always be eligible on either computer or laptop, so save yourself time and do them there

Hope this is useful, let me know if you use Prolific already and your opinions, in the comments below

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