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Cheaper Fitbit alternatives

A few days ago, my boyfriend’s dad took part in the World’s Toughest Tough Mudder in Atlanta, Georgia. That, and the fact that people are going to be getting more and more health conscious in the new year, I thought it’d be a good idea to talk about 5 cheaper Fitbit alternatives. Perhaps this might make a good gift too?

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I decided to look into Fitbits just out of curiosity and I didn’t realise how expensive they were! I was shocked to find out that some are over £250; total put-off to exercise in my opinion. So, to help you out, I’ve compiled this list below:

MiFit products

The different MiFit products by Xiaomi are a good place to turn to for a cheaper alternative.


This model, in particular, is the Mi Smart Band 2. It’s water-resistant as well as Bluetooth operated. It has similar functions to a FitBit such as detection of sleep quality, monitoring heart rate, showing steps etc. but it’s only a fraction of the price!

Cost: £17.48 + free UK delivery

EFOSHM products

EFOSHM is another company that is rocking the “wearable technology” world at the moment. The model pictured below used to retail £116, but currently, on Amazon, it seems to be more than 80% of the original price; an absolute bargain.

This is a completely wireless smartwatch. It works as a sleep monitor as well as a pedometer and general watch. If you’re very into fitness, it calculates your calorie consumption as well as recording the number of calories you burn per day.

Cost: £29.99 – £35.67

Up 3 Activity Tracker

Jawbone also has a range of sleep trackers as well as exercise monitors. This one I’ve chosen in particular today (but feel free to check out others here) is the Jawbone UP3 Activity Tracker. There is a grey version, however, it is nearly £50 more expensive.

Cheaper Fitbit alternatives


What’s fairly unique about this product is that you can receive personalised guidance from Smart Coach, including daily changes you can make to be healthier and motivation to reach your goals. It also allows you to monitor your diet, distance, daily logs, sleep activity and more.

It’s retail is around the £80-£90 mark.

Cost: £39.99

OMorc Smart Bracelets

I’m surprised at how many unknown FitBit alternatives there are out there! OMorc’s Smart Bracelets is another one. They do everything from acting as an alarm to a step tracker, sleep tracker, music control etc. All of these products seem to be capable of everything! How does one choose?


This is one of the cheapest (that’s both aesthetically pleasing and has a large list of functions) that I have found. Check it out for yourself, what do you think of it?

Cost: £38.24 + free UK delivery

Mpow Fitness Tracker

I thought it was definitely worth bringing this fitness tracker by Mpow to your attention, especially when I saw that it had 48 5* ratings on Amazon!

Of course, this smart bracelet has similar functions to the previously mentioned products, but one thing that impressed me (considering its price), is its battery life! Apparently, it charges fully after around an hour and it can be on standby for about 5-7 days with full power! I don’t know if I’m just behind on tech, but I think that’s quite good!

You can see more Mpow products here.

Cost: £20.99 + free UK delivery (retail £30.99, savings £9 (30%))

Let me know if you have any experience with these products or what you think of my suggestions below!


*Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links which mean I might receive a small kickback (at no cost to you) for any products bought through these links.

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  1. I used to have a Jawbone one but they stopped getting updated as the company went bust. I didn’t think you can buy them anywhere in the UK now. Huawei’s bands are good though. It was only £20 but has a sleep tracker and it’s waterproof. I just don’t think Fitbit’s are worth their price tag.

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