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How to deal with stress in the workplace

I’ve recently just started a new job that requires more responsibility, more time management skills, more pressure and more running-back-and-forth-like-a- mad-woman. Although I have yet to master this, I have been really thinking about how to deal with stress in the workplace, so I thought I’d make it into a post. Hope it helps!

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Tip No.1 Focus on one thing at a time

How to deal with stress in the workplace

It’s sometimes easy to think about how many jobs you have to do and then trying to start and complete them all at once. Try and get through them one at a time so you don’t have loads of incomplete jobs on the go which can result in you looking like you’re slacking or being lazy.

Quality not quantity, guys!

Tip No.2 Teamwork

This, of course, depends on the nature of your job, but if there is a possibility to work on a project or ask the advice or opinions of colleagues do it!

If one of the sources of your workplace stress is not being 100% sure of what to expect, then ask a more experienced colleague for a quick tip. Alternatively, if you manage a team, make sure you distribute jobs evenly and make sure that everyone knows what they need to do. They may be unaware of all the jobs that need doing so don’t always expect them to be psychics and do it instinctively!

How to deal with stress in the workplace

Tip No3. Self-care

This term is used loosely, as it can mean so many things.

Not only is this applicable to self-care outside of the workplace (relaxing etc. after a long day at work and taking some “me” time) but also whilst at work. Things that you could do at work include:

  • Take a breather, even if you’re mid shift and running about, you can still take deep breaths in and out

How to deal with stress in the workplace

  • During your break (or if you work at a computer and you’re allowed), put some soothing, relaxing music on

How to deal with stress in the workplace

  • Treat yourself to an edible/ drinkable treat
  • Go for a quick walk, the fresh air can help you breathe better and empty your thoughts

How to deal with stress in the workplace

  • Make sure your shoulders are down- when you’re stressed, your shoulders can tighten up and end up giving you lower back pain as well as tensing up your whole chest
  • If you sense your back or neck being super tense, with a few fingers, simply massage yourself in circles, clockwise and anticlockwise. This can help you be aware that you need to work on your posture and also remove any “knots”

How to deal with stress in the workplace

How to deal with stress in the workplace

Thanks for all the tips that were given on twitter too. If you have any others, why not share it in the comments below!

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