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Claim £100s on your work uniform

If you work and pay tax, you could claim £100s on your work uniform! This is a simple, easy guide to show you how you can get started on claiming, as well as back-tracking what you’re owed.

Eligibility requirements

This tax refund is for the washing, repair and potential replacements of your work uniform. You could be refunded up to 5 years worth of expenses!

To be able to do so, the following must apply:

  • You wear a uniform that shows you do a certain job or work for a particular company. You could try for non-branded uniforms, however, it’s important that it is used as uniform only
  • It’s a compulsory part of your job
  • It’s your responsibility to replace uniform, clean it, repair or purchase it. If the employer’s facilities do this for you, you are not eligible for this tax refund
  • You paid income tax for the year or 5 years that you’re claiming for

Claim £100s on your work uniform

The amount you can claim

There is a standard flat rate expense allowance (FREA) for uniforms which is affected by how much tax you pay. Basic-rate taxpayers can claim around £12 back a year, while higher-rate taxpayers could get £24. You can claim up to 5 years altogether if you’ve been wearing that uniform the whole time, so you could be refunded around £60 or more. Once you’ve registered, which is free and easy to do so, your tax code will change so you will be charged less tax in future.

The above figures are a generalisation, however, some uniforms for more specialist roles may be able to get more tax refunded. You can see if yours is listed here.

Claim £100s on your work uniform

How to

Following this link, you’ll be asked whether you want to claim online, by post or by phone. For now, I’ll show you how to apply online.

Upon clicking “Claim using the online service” you’ll come to this screen. Here you’ll have to sign in using a User ID and password. If you’re not sure of what these are or you don’t have one, there is the option underneath to set one up.

Claim £100s on your work uniform

Afterwards, it’s important to select the correct option, as there’s a few things you can claim tax back on, especially if you work at home.

To complete the form correctly, it’s useful to have a P45 or P60 to hand, as it’ll ask for the details of the company you work for, as well as some specifics about your work history.

Once completed, you will receive a letter and cheque (or if they refuse, they will still send you a letter with a reason for doing so) in the post as well as your tax code changing.

Good luck and let me know if you have any success!

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6 thoughts on “Claim £100s on your work uniform

  1. This is such a useful post! I’ve heard about this but because my uniform has always been ‘just black clothes’ I end up wearing them out of work too and I don’t think they’d count. It’s definitely something to bookmark for future though! <3

    1. Yeah it’s difficult. Same ish situation for me though – were I paying tax (not because I’m in education), than I could claim my uniform but never mind.
      Lots of people will be able to claim who don’t know about it so I thought it was worth talking about xx

  2. This is a great bit of advice – claiming for the flat rate uniform refund is super easy to do via HMRC and not enough people take advantage of it. Some professions can also expand a refund claim to cover things like travel and food expenses or professional tools or subscriptions that are required for your job – it can really add up once everything you’re eligible for is taken into account!

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