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Punish internet trolls harder

This is a very impulsive, angry ranty kind of post. I’ve just seen the news, it’s 22:48 on the 30th August and I am fuming. Punish internet trolls harder! Read on to see why I think this and how I think it could be done.

The Frugal Teen

Early on this year in February, one of my secondary school classmates (I won’t name her here) died, tragically whilst on a night out. She was an absolutely amazing girl: sailing champion, head of the school and destined for sheer greatness.

Months later, I get called by my mum to come and watch the news. Her face is all over it, somebody has been trolling her remembrance account and her memory for months. They made false allegations and vandalised pictures of her. He had caused such distress for parents who had just lost their only child, as well as trolling three other teenagers who had died tragically.

Punish internet trolls harder

Finally, he has been caught. He is awaiting sentencing but for now? A slap on the wrist? Not even… “stay off social media,” he is told. Let me tell you now, as a psychology student, whether he has a mental health illness or an addictive personality… whatever it is, for him to be able to do something so cruel, so many times, he will not be able to just “stay off.”

We shall see the outcome of his trial, but why are internet trolls reacted to so passively and with a chilled attitude? I’m sorry but verbal abuse to a police officer is given worse punishment! Have the numerous suicides by teenagers in the past not got the message through enough? Now to troll people who are completely defenceless and pry on their mourning friends and families?

I was offended just receiving a friend request from a fake account after her death, let alone seeing disgusting allegations against her; especially considering what an amazing girl she is.

Things that could be changed about how trolls are treated:

  • Give them jail time even whilst waiting for a conviction
  • Create a list of internet trolls, banning them from using public internet stations
  • Create a software (similar to kid softwares), that prevents or blocks them from using social media in their own homes
  • Monitor their history fortnightly in case of future victims
  • Offer psychological help and make sure they understand the impact on others

I hope this news coverage gets a lot of attention. What is to come of this case? What amendments will be made? Something needs to be done, this cannot be a case of imprisonment and then forget it? Punishments need to be more severe! What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Punish internet trolls harder

    1. I know! πŸ™ I didn’t even go into much detail about her personally but she was beyond incredible… I know nobody ever deserves that but I feel like she should be the last person to ever be mocked or disrespected πŸ™ x

  1. I definitely agree with you, there needs to be stronger punishments for internet trolls. It’s such a horrible thing to do, especially at such a sad time after your classmates death. I’m pleased he has been caught and hope he gets the correct punishment. Thank you for sharing your thoughts <3 xx

    Bexa |

  2. A rally enlightening post. You are right. Internet trolls get off so easily. In the UK we can prosecute hate each, but I feel like US more changes could be made to punish internet trolls.
    A really great and well written post. Xxx

  3. Social media provides a whole new platform for people who are mentally ill – which this troll obviously is. I agree that his punishment should be way harder for future discouragement and that monitoring his internet use – if possible – might be a solution.

    1. Yes absolutely! I mean we have ways to monitor and block things for kids, surely there’s a way (the same method I imagine) it could be done for adults and certain sites? Hope so xx

  4. I think in instances like this it’s really important to draw a line between some kid trolling on the internet because he’s bored and some twisted mofo targeting at-risk people on the internet.

    What this guy did, which could amount to impersonating a dead individual, is a serious crime no matter what platform it’s committed on. But since it took place via social media, there definitely needed to be some measures in place to keep from accessing and further harassing people already affected by him.

    1. I totally agree, especially the generation that has grown up with technology, they still have to learn, but when people take it to the extreme it’s very obvious.
      Thankfully he’s been incarcerated now, but it was so emotional for me I didn’t want to read into it and read for how long πŸ™ xx

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