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Advice with Annelies: teenagers and social media

This series will answer people’s questions or worries, either that have been asked to me or I wanted to give my opinion on. Of course, these are just suggestions, and if the problem is severe, you should seek professional help or advice. This addition’s topic of Advice with Annelies: teenagers and social media.

The influence of social media can be both positive and negative. Sometimes it can be used to celebrate our successes and things we’re proud of, but sometimes there’s a darker side. That dark post or rant is an example of it. Social media can be a platform to seek help, from people who hopefully won’t be judgemental and can relate on the “imperfectness” of life. It can be hard though and people can be exposed to information or statuses that can be upsetting; such as that that your daughter read.

Advice with Annelies: teenagers and social media

“What do you do?”

I think what to do depends majorly on what the topic was and what was said. If it was hinting or implying that they may harm themselves or others or that they may suffer from mental health issues, then I think it’s important for that person to get help- or maybe for your daughter to talk to her friend and propose it? If it was just a rant about how sad or anxious they were feeling that day but if it was a one-off, maybe the post/status was a cry for help and maybe they just needed somebody to listen to that day.

Advice with Annelies: teenagers and social media

“She was concerned when a teen friend’s post were “dark” today.”

Teenagers often get a bad reputation as “having it easy,” or being “naive,” and not knowing “how lucky there are,” however in their eyes it doesn’t feel that way. Exams, peer pressure, complicated friendships, hormones… all these things can have a toll on somebody, especially if that person has a sensitive nature. The best thing to do is always be prepared to listen and do take those things seriously. You may think they’re trivial as a parent or older sibling, but it may be really bothering them at that time.

I really hope that that post was a one-off, but if it wasn’t, I hope that this has answered your question. Best wishes!

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