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My best household money saving tips

After my first ever trip to Ikea, I have been all about dreaming of my future house, what furniture I’ll have in it and how it’ll look. Owning a house or even living in your own place can be very expensive though, so here’s my best household money saving tips for you. Enjoy!

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Cashback and compare your bills

Bills, bills, bills. Gas, water, electricity, broadband… ugh how disgusting. It’d be even more disgusting though if you found yourself paying more than you had to. Certain cashback apps like TopCashback can help you get cashback when you pay your bills or give you free money if you change providers!

Alternatively, you can check that you’re getting the best deal via sites such as Ismybillfair. Just by asking a few basic questions they can determine whether you’re paying fair prices and hopefully save you some money if not!

Avoid new items

We’ve all seen the TV adverts for selling things online, but have you actually ever thought of being the buyer rather than the seller? Furniture and clothes spring to mind as being expensive due to the big cost or having to buy regularly. By buying second hand, you can save money for better items in the future or put the money saved towards something else.

My best household money saving tips


Whether you’re moving into a new place or selling your old one, flooring is a big deal and the laminate vs. carpet debate is ever ongoing. However, did you know that you can easily avoid the costs of removing and changing it all?

Products such as carpet cleaners can help clean your carpets and ensure they can be used by the next person or avoid you changing your flooring! Latest Deals have listed tonnes of offers on carpet cleaners, so go check that out, see what bargains you can get that are guaranteed to save you even more money.


Sure, you may not have 60 Minute Makeover DIY skills, but doing bits and bobs around the house yourself can save you a lot of money! Painting, for example, is something that you could do yourself, however, painters can charge up to £100s to paint a hallway alone!

Even if you require the need to buy certain brushes or even a ladder, you’ll still find yourself saving on such expensive services, so don’t be scared to get your hands dirty! Similarly, if you know somebody who is good at plumbing etc. then why not ask them to help you out and offer to pay them instead?

Be savvy when buying new

Sometimes it’s not possible to avoid buying things brand new but this doesn’t mean that all hope is lost regarding saving money. Latest Deals has hundreds of different deals for all kinds of different items. If you’re buying things new, be savvy about it, look around and see the best price possible.

Support local businesses

When people are trying to make their dreams come true, they have to start somewhere and that often means starting small. If you’re looking for interior deco pieces, then why not look on Etsy and see if you can support some local businesses? Many artists are selling their artwork or services there and for much cheaper prices than bigger chains such as John Lewis or Next Home etc.

My best household money saving tips

Love and recreate

You can create absolutely beautiful new pieces by upcycling them. People will often chuck out their chest of drawers etc. simply because of a little scratch or scuff mark.

A lick of paint or some spray… even if you change the knobs to something that fits the theme of the room; just because it’s not brand new, does not mean you can’t make it work for you. It’d save you a fortune, be creative!


When changing abode, it’s more convenient and quicker to chuck things or donate them to charity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for donating to charity but everyone is in a different position financially and for some, decluttering and selling their items can be money and space-making, that is very much needed.

There are loads of apps out there such as Depop or Shpock, or websites such as Gumtree, where you can make listings for free. Bigger sites such as eBay are more popular and may give you more opportunity to sell, however, be careful of hidden charges!

What are your best household money saving tips? Let me know in the comments!

*Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Latest Deals

4 thoughts on “My best household money saving tips

  1. Such a helpful post! Especially when it comes to supporting our local businesses, I feel as though that’s one of the more important steps to make. Indefinitely try and make as many projects by hand as you can! That’ll save you the most amount of money. It might take more time and effort, but in the end you’ll have full control of the end result!

  2. Upcylcing and recreating is a great tip and one that I always try to do. Often picking up furniture from charity shops is a great way to do this! Decluttering and selling stuff on eBay too. Thanks for sharing xx

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