How to save money at university

University is an expensive venture, from the tuition fees themselves to living costs and the repayment of maintenance loans… so here are a few tips on how to save money at university. Hope they help!

The Frugal Frenchie

Education tips

  • University books: the books they may quote as “indicative references” may not actually be essential. If they are, before forking out, why not check your library first, eBay or even if any university selling pages
  • Amazon Prime Student: not only can you get a 6-month trial, but you can also save 10% on thousands of textbooks!

Food tips

  • Meal plan: as you’re only feeding yourself, you can plan your meals in advance to avoid food waste and over-snacking. Another benefit is that you could buy certain ingredients that are cheap in bulk and use them for several meals. A great example would be potatoes as you can make mash or jacket potato etc.
  • Freeze leftovers: self-explanatory really, we’ve all made that mistake of making too much food for one meal. Why not freeze it and save it for another day?

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Diary Post: Feeling inadequate

Nobody is perfect. You open instagram, see those perfect travel pictures; dream houses or “perfect parents.” None of that is 100% reality. Those parents will have had their ups and downs, those motivational bloggers will have their down moments… and that’s the norm.

A few nights ago, ironically when the whole country was huddled in suspense over the England World Cup match against Columbia, I was sat in my room on my bed. Just sat there. I was watching youtube videos, but the words and sounds just went over my head. I wasn’t there, I was sad and – not going to lie- a bit teary. I felt inadequate, average, worthless and downright pointless.

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Bold and daring makeup look: Shop with me!

As you can probably tell from the pictures (or lack thereof) of me, I am not one for photoshoots or bold makeup looks. In fact, this is the second time in my whole life that I’ve ever had a contoured face! Because I’m super happy with how the pictures turned out, I thought I’d share with you this bold makeup look in a “shop with me” way. Hope you enjoy a different type of post!

The Frugal Frenchie

Bold and daring makeup look: Shop with me!

All the following products are vegan and cruelty-free (which is so important to me) so let’s get into my transformation!


I used my detox clay mask to get rid of any dry skin or blackheads that could ruin the texture of my makeup. There’s nothing worse than putting makeup on and then it being ruined by such an avoidable thing!

Bold and daring makeup look: Shop with me!

Bold and daring makeup look: Shop with me!

Bold and daring makeup look: Shop with me!


After primer, the Arbonne foundation in the shade “Porcelain” was used, followed by one of my favourite products, the setting pretty powder. The foundation has got a vaccum pump, so there is no product wasted! I think that’s just so economically and environmentally friendly that it was worth mentioning.  Oh oh and I didn’t even need any concealer because the foundation just had such good coverage!

That was just for the bare basics, but Emily then added some blush in the tone “Dusty rose,” which I thought made my normally unexistent cheekbones look nice and distinguished. The last touch was, of course, bronzer which really helped my face gain definition in front of the camera. Continue reading “Bold and daring makeup look: Shop with me!”